Location Audio Recording

Rumley Music and Audio Production specializes in location audio recording for orchestras, chamber groups, folk and jazz ensembles, and other acoustic sources. This is a specialty field of recording that requires an exceptional knowledge of the musical genres in question, the idiomatic complications of ensemble playing and balancing, and extensive study in the proper techniques for balancing the ensemble with the acoustic environment, while minimizing the negative aspects of each.

Contrary to popular belief, professional "classical" recording does not use, and should not use typical studio approaches to recording, such as extremely close microphone placement, compression effects, overdubbing, dead environments, and artificial balancing. The job of a classical engineer is to capture the natural balance of the ensemble in an appropriate space, while maintaining the three dimensional detail and clarity that eludes typical studio approaches or "DIY" attempts. This means traditional minimalist techniques, proper selection of equipment, and carefully selected microphone placement for a clean, present, but naturally balanced sound. RMAP's equipment is specially selected for this task and includes extremely high quality and hand-made microphones, preamps, and digital conversion designed for a detailed, natural pickup of the acoustic environment.